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In research, it was found that 10% of the vehicles in the UK failed their MOT because of the damaged or worn out tyres. Tyres are checked for their tread depth, sidewall damage, and right sizes. Most of our customers ask us what is there to a tyre that they need to know to buy a new set.


Well, first of all, you should know why the tyres are so necessary for your vehicles? The many aspects, when summarised as one basic reason, is that they are the only contact of your car with the road. It helps your car to accelerate, manoeuvre, and come to a halt.


Our experts want to remind you that tyres are the single most important component that maintains fuel economy, safety, steering, and its performance. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy the right tyres for your vehicle.


The things that you should consider while purchasing a new set of tyres are:


Vehicle and their type: What car or vehicle do you drive? Is it an SUV or a passenger car? The knowledge of the vehicle type will help you choose the right set of tyres for your vehicles. If it is an SUV tyre, it will be wider than the tyre for an ordinary car. As the different vehicles serve distinct purposes, similarly, there are many contrasting features that different tyres offer. The contrast can be seen in the size, tread pattern, and the width of the tyres.


Driving Conditions: The tyres are also differentiated based on the terrain they have to face. A city ride should have smoother tread and higher performance than the vehicles that are driven in challenging situations. A racing car will have relatively smoother tread than the regular city cars so that they can provide ultra-high performance and speed.


Weather conditions: Tyres are divided into three categories according to the weather conditions.

Summer tyres - with harder rubber compound for dry and warmer climates

Winter tyres - have sipes that are great to provide traction in wet and cold conditions

All season tyres - cater to the needs of both winters as well as summers


The budget of your tyres: Tyres come with different budget ranges, and that decides the quality of that tyre. The top-quality and the highest priced are the premium tyres; they are made from the finest of rubber and are highly resilience to different challenging conditions. The least of them are budget tyres, made of low-quality rubber to cater to the urgent needs of a driver or to provide for the people who rarely use their cars.


Tread depth: When you are going to buy a new set of tyres for your vehicle, you should always consider the depth of the tread as an essential aspect. Tread as per the UK law is something that should always be maintained above 1.6mm or else you can be charged a fine of £2,500. When the tyres are new, the tread generally lies between 7 to 9mm. Try to know the actual depth of the tyres before buying them.


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Things To Consider While Buying A New Set of Tyres